Aadhar Training, Testing & Certification

Aadhar Training, Testing & Certification

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Training, Testing & Certification
Is training mandatory?

Aadhar Training is not mandatory; The people desirous of working with the Enrollment Agencies (EA) as Operator /Supervisor and Operator Child Enrollment Lite Client undergo the Training Programme conducted by Registrar & Enrollment Agency is recommended.

Who will train the EA Operators/Supervisor & Operator CELC?

Mainly training for the Enrolment Staff is provided internally by the Registrar & Enrolment Agency. On request the EAs can get their staff trained through their own trainers or by UIDAI Regional Offices. The staff can also self-train with the help of Training Material available on https://uidai.gov.in/aadhaar-eco-system/training-testing-certification-ecosystem.html

What are the different types of Aadhar Training available in UIDAI?

For creation of Master Trainers who in turn train other EA Staff, Master Trainer Training (TOT) is organized by Regional Offices.
In Enrolment Process Orientation/ Refresher Programs are anchored by ROs for EA Staff for quality enhancement and refreshing their knowledge from time to time as and when any new change is introduced.

What is the duration of Aadhar training?

Duration of training will depend on requirement of Registrar/ EAs. If required EA may customize the material as per local needs and create additional content to make it Registrar specific.

What are the different categories of Aadhar Training Material available?

Training Material including Modules on Aadhaar Enrollment and Update, Aadhaar Update and Child Enrollment Lite Client required for certification of EA Staff – Operator/Supervisor and Operator CELC is available on https://uidai.gov.in/enrolment-update/enrolment.html

Where can one access Training Material?

It can be accessed on https://uidai.gov.in/aadhaar-eco-system/training-testing-certification-ecosystem.html

Is testing mandatory for working as Enrollment Agency Operator/Supervisor or Operator CELC under UIDAI?

Yes. Testing and Certification is mandatory for Enrollment Operator/Supervisor and Operator CELC. Without a valid certificate no enrollment can be performed.

Is there any basis qualification required for Aadhar certification?

To qualify for the role of Supervisor, the person should satisfy the following criteria:

a) The person should be of age 18 years and above.
b) The person shall be passed in 10th & 12th and should preferably be a graduate
c) Having a good understanding and experience of using a computer is must
d) The person should preferably have prior experience of working in Aadhaar Enrollment program

To qualify for the role of Operator, the person should satisfy the following criteria:

a) The person should be of age 18 years and above
b) The person shall be minimum 10+2 pass.
c) A basic understanding of operating a computer and should be comfortable with local language keyboard and transliteration is must.

To qualify for the role of Operator CELC, the person should satisfy the following criteria:

a) The person should be of age 18 years and above.
b) The person shall be minimum 10+2 pass. In case of Anganwadi/Asha Worker, the minimum qualification is 10th pass
c) A basic understanding of operating a computer and should be comfortable with local language keyboard and transliteration is must.

Is Aadhaar Number mandatory for the Certification?

Yes. The candidate should have a valid Aadhaar Number to register for the certification exam. Information mentioned in candidate’s Aadhaar and Exam registration details should be exactly similar. Candidate should download the latest copy of e-Aadhaar having Virtual ID printed from the following link: https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/

Where is the question bank for Certification test available?

Question bank in 13 regional languages containing 510 questions for Operator/Supervisor exam and 75 questions for Operator CELC is available on https://uidai.gov.in/aadhaar-eco-system/training-testing-certification-ecosystem.html

What is the structure of the certification test?

Text based Multiple Choice Questions only will be given and the duration of Test will be 110 minutes . There will be 110 Questions for Operator/Supervisor Certification and 35 Questions for Operator CELC Certification Exam. The detailed module wise Test Structure is available on https://uidai.gov.in/aadhaar-eco-system/training-testing-certification-ecosystem.html

Who will conduct the test?

M/S NSEiTLtd (http://uidai.nseitexams.com) is the agency chosen by UIDAI for complete Testing and Certification.

What are the fees for taking the Certification test?

Rs. 470. 82 (including GST) and RETEST FEE Rs. 235.41 (including GST) are applicable. The fee has to be paid online by its registration portal through the facility provided by NSEIT Ltd. In case the candidate fails or is absent for the exam retest fee is applicable.

What is the validity of exam fee?

“The candidates must schedule their test within 6 months of depositing the fee, failing which, their fee shall be forfeited and they shall not be allowed to appear for the test against that fee as per UIDAI’s Testing and Certification Policy.

Can the EA/Registrar make Bulk Online Payment, Registration and Scheduling of the candidates’ test/retest?

Yes. For registering for bulk services the EA/Registrar should contact Training Testing and Certification Division UIDAI HQ.

Where should contact in case of any problem in Registration?

You can contact NSEIT Helpdesk on Toll free No.: 022-42706500 or send email to: uidai_admin@nseit.com

How will this test be conducted?

At the specified test centers it will be an Internet based testing in proctored environment.

Where is the NSEIT Test Center located?

Across various states of India Test Centers are available. Detailed information regarding the test centers is available on the NSEIT Ltd portal http://uidai.nseitexams.com

How many times can I take the test?

Before he passes the certification exam the candidate are allowed to take unlimited number of attempts.

In case I have to take a retest, would I have to pay the fee again?

Yes. Every time the retest is taken, fee of Rs 235.41 (including GST)  per Retest would be applicable.

Will I have to take the retest in all the modules even If I pass a few modules in first attempt?

Yes. Including all the modules every time the candidate has to clear the complete exam.

Is there a need of re-certification?

Candidate can take certification exam for Enrollment Operator/Supervisor again in case the candidate certified for Operator/CELC Operator role wants to become Supervisor.

Can Blacklisted Operator/Supervisor get re-certified?

No! For all the Blacklisted Operators/Supervisors, Aadhaar numbers are blocked. UIDAI will reject his/ her certificate if the candidate gets re certified.

Who will issue the certificate? UIDAI or NSEIT?

By NSEIT Ltd the Certificate will be given.

How can I familiarize myself with flow of the test flow?

The test familiarization module or MOCK Exam is available on the NSEIT Ltd portal: https://uidai.nseitexams.com after successful registration and fee payment

Where should contact in case of any Certificate is not available with UIDAI database?

You can contact UIDAI Technical Helpdesk on 080-23099400 or send email to techsupport@uidai.net.in

Where should the candidate contact after certification in case of Freelancer?

For freelancer you can contact Aadhaar Enrollment Agencies near your location for getting engaged as Enrollment Staff with them

Is there any validity of the Certificate?

Yes, from the date of issue the Certificate is valid upto 5 years.

Can the certification fee refundable?

No, there is no refund of the Test/Retest fee.

What is the mandatory requirement to register for the Certification Exam?

a) Candidate must have his/her mobile number registered in Aadhaar.
b) Candidate must not be blacklisted.
c) Candidate must be 18 Years in Age
d) Candidate must download Offline Aadhaar Information –XML File from https://resident.uidai.gov.in/offlineaadhaar
e) Candidate must download e-Aadhaar containing VID from https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
f) Candidate must read Test Structure, Leaner Guide and Test Structure available on https://uidai.gov.in/aadhaar-eco-system/training-testing-certification-ecosystem.html
g) Candidate must be qualified for the Test

How can the candidate register for the Certification Exam?

Candidate must read the instruction provided on https://uidai.nseitexams.com/ UIDAI/LoginAction_showHowToApply.action

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