Aadhar Authentication For Residents

Aadhar Authentication For Residents

For Residents
What is Aadhar authentication?
  • “Aadhar Authentication” is a process by which the Aadhar number of an individual is submitted to UIDAI’s Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) for its verification
  • UIDAI verifies the correctness of the details submitted
  • The details sent to the UIDAI is  demographic information ( name, date of birth, gender etc) or biometric information (Fingerprint or Iris)

When do I need to authenticate Aadhar?
  • Each and every time when you get a new Telephone connection
  • Whenever we register for a government schemes like PDS, NREGA
  • At the time of opening a Bank account
  • The authentication is normally done either at the registration for the benefit or delivery of the benefit.

What are the benefits of Aadhar authentication?

Aadhar is the only Document in India which can be instantly verified across any states. This is the quickest method to verify an Individual Identity in India. Only thing you should have is your Aadhar number.

Is there a mechanism to notify the residents when an authentication occurs against their Aadhar number?

UIDAI  notifies the authentication on the registered email of the resident. Every time UIDAI receives a biometric or OTP based authentication request against an Aadhar number, a notification is sent to the registered email address.

I received an Aadhar authentication notification even though I did not authenticate myself. Whom do I approach?

You should call the tollfree call centre number and e-mail Id  provided in the UIDAI’s notification email. You may contact UIDAI with the authentication details provided in the notification e-mail.

Do I need to authenticate Aadhar with only my thumbs?

Aadhar authentication can be done with any of the ten fingers.

What if my authentication request gets rejected even though I provide my fingerprints with my Aadhar number?

If fingerprint authentication fails, residents can

  1. Retry with correct placement and pressure of finger on fingerprint scanner
  2. Retry with different fingers
  3. Cleaning the fingerprint scanner
  4. Cleaning the fingers
  5. If biometric authentication fails repeatedly over a period of time, resident may approach an Aadhar updation centre and get their biometrics updated with UIDAI.

Will I be denied my entitlements (ration, NREGA job etc.) if my authentication request is rejected?

The Government of India and UIDAI recognize the fact that Aadhar authentication is subject to certain technological and biometric limitations (poor fingerprint quality, network availability etc).

Hence  the service providers will have alternate processes to identify/ authenticate their beneficiaries/ customers.

So you can be rest assured of the entitlements getting denied.

How will I authenticate if my fingerprints are worn out / I have no fingers?

You can use iris authentication, OTP authentication to handle such issues. Additionally, service provider may have other methods of verification of their beneficiaries.

How do I request for aadhar OTP?

OTP can be requested through service providers’ application requiring OTP authentication on mobile number registered with UIDAI.

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Aadhar Authentication For Residents

Source : https://uidai.gov.in/

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